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Welcome to SKVE

Being part of nation building brings us pride and a feeling of achievement.

Infrastructure plays an instrumental role in today's economy and provides ascent to the position of a global economic powerhouse to any region that understands and plans. This is the dream and ambition we have for our nation.

Outlined in a series of major undertakings, we are but honored to be granted the task to design, build, operate, maintain and manage the Expressways we have simple come to call as SKVE.

Playing our vital role in what can be termed as a bold move head, the SKVE Expressways are TOMORROW'S LINK TODAY providing logistical and transportation needs to our nation's future.

Enthralling at the roof of transportation and logistical connectivity as one of the most original thinkers in the world, we are SKVE- South Klang Valley Expressway.


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